Rock Candy is a nonprofit music video show that began cablecasting on June 27, 1996 in Vacaville, California on Access 15. The show features videos and interviews from Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Glam, and Good Old Rock 'N Roll bands. The video show ran until it went on hiatus in 2012. During it's run it aired in four Northern California Cities reaching over 125,000 homes.

In 2018 it returned in the form of a Podcast which ran from July 24, 2018 through July 23, 2019 before going on hiatus. During it's run on it's host site, Podomatic, the show made a steady climb on the Metal charts over it's first three months before eventually reaching, and dominating, the #1 position for most of it's remaining run. The show closed it's run in the #1 position and remained there, off and on, for two more weeks.

The show may be revived again in the future in one or both forms.


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