In November 1994, host Troy Correia, came up with the idea of creating a show in the vein of MTV"s defunct Head Bangers Ball. Troy wanted to put together a show that he would like to watch. A show where those that enjoyed the 80's metal music scene, could watch videos and interviews from some of the bands that were pushed aside almost over night by MTV, radio, and record companies in the early 90's.

Debuting on June 27, 1996, Rock Candy began a long and successful run. The show eventually made it to a total of four cities in Northern California for several years.

Over the years Rock Candy has had the honor and privilege of featuring some of the greatest performers in Hard Rock and Heavy Metal as our guest on the show. Some of those to make an appearance on Rock Candy include Ronnie James Dio, Ted Nugent, Poison, Judas Priest, Slaughter, & Great White just to name a few.

Take a look at the "Thank You" page on the menu below, to see a full list of guests that have been on the show. You will also find some interesting information about the Rock Candy crew.

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