This page features a collection of photos. The first is the Rock Candy photo album featuring Troy with some of the guests that have appeared on the show. The second is Troy's photo album featuring a collection of Troy's personal photos. Click on the image to see the full photo.

Jack Russell & Michael Lardie
July 1996

Mark Slaughter & Blas Elias
January 1997

Tracii Guns & Chris Van Dahl
March 1997

Jeff Pilson & Don Dokken
May 1997

Adrian Smith & Bruce Dickinson
July 1997

Blas Elias & Mark Slaughter
September 1997

Mick Brown & Jeff Pilson
September 1997

Jani Lane & Jerry Dixon
October 1997

Jack Russell
November 1997

Warren DeMartini
November 1997

Glenn Tipton
April 1998

Tim "Ripper" Owens
April 1998

Fred Courey
November 1998

Tommy, Nikki, Vince, & Mick
October 1998

Perry Richardson & Bill Leverty
May 1999

Mark Slaughter & Jeff Blando
November 1999

Sebastian Bach
April 2000

Don Dokken
August 2000

Mark Slaughter
August 2000

Dana Strum
August 2000

Doro Pesch
November 2000

Ronnie James Dio
November 2000

C.C. DeVille
July 2002

Ted Nugent
September 2003

Michael, C.J., Bill, & Alan
July 2005

Alex Grossi & Chuck Wright
July 2005

Jeff LaBar & Fred Courey
July 2005

May 1999

Taken after the bands show at Big Shots in Sacramento. Earlier that night I interviewed Perry & Bill.

Sebastian Bach
March 2000

Taken right after I did my interview with Sebastian. What a blast he was to hang out with. That was the most fun I have had on an interview.

C.C. DeVille
August 2000

Taken backstage at the Poison, Cinderella, Dokken, Slaughter concert at Sacramento Valley Amphitheater. I had a great interview with Slaughter and Dokken that day.

Ronnie James Dio
November 2000

Taken backstage right after my interview with Ronnie in his dressing room at the Filmore in San Francisco. What a great guy.


Doro Pesch
November 2000

Taken backstage shortly after her set opening for Yngwie and Dio. Don't we look good together?

Bret Michaels
June 2003

Taken on the stairs of Bret's bus after Poisons show at Konocti. Earlier that afternoon I interviewed C.C. DeVille.

Bobby Dahl
June 2003

Taken after Poison's show at Konocti.

Kevin DuBrow
June 2005

Taken after the bands show on the Rock Never Stops Tour. Earlier that evening I interviewed Quiet Riot Bassist Chuck Wright and new guitarist Alex Grossi.

Lita Ford and Jim Gillette
November 2009

Taken after my interview with Lita and Jim at Harrah's, South Lake Tahoe.

Frontier Village Amusement Park - 1965

This photo was taken at Frontier Village in San Jose Ca. For those of you that are not familiar with Frontier Village, it was a western themed amusement park. Very mellow and laid back compared to toady's amusement parks. I loved going there. I'm guessing I was about three years old in this picture.


With my brother Chris
At home in Fremont - June 20, 1971

You could see who my biggest influence was at that time. Look at the short hair and those vests.


At Home
December 1973

This is a picture of me with my Grandfather, my sister, and brother. Look at the clothes my Mom used to buy for us. Check out those shoes too...

At Home
Christmas Morning - 1974

Opening presents Christmas morning. My sister is in the foreground. Check out some of my gifts.


With Cornelius & Zira
S.F. Cow Palace - November 15, 1975

Meeting characters from my favorite movie at that time was awesome. They were at a car show and I had to beg my Dad to take me.


With my cousin Eric
Fresh Pond - Summer 1976

Our families were on our way to Tahoe and made a stop in the mountains at Fresh Pond. A house there had this sign that I had to have a picture in front of.

Senior Picture

This was my Senior Picture that appeared in the yearbook. The picture was actually taken in about November 1979.

Dressed as Dee Snider
Halloween 1984

This was taken at my cousins house. I added in a fitting background in Photo Shop to replace the living room setting where it was taken.


Dressed As Gene
Photo Shoot - March 1986

This was taken at Solano College when I was taking photography there. It is my favorite picture of me dressed as Gene. I made the whole costume myself and did my own makeup.

Bret Michaels of Poison
April 1987

Taken outside the 93 Rock studio in Sacramento when Poison was on their first major tour with Ratt.


Dressed As Alice Cooper
Halloween 1987

Taken in my living room, I added in a much nicer background in Photo Shop.


Jan Kuehnemund of Vixen
April 1988

Taken at Rainbow Records in Fremont when the band did an in-store signing. A week later I was in the front row of their concerts with a banner I made that had the Vixen logo and said "Jan take me home with you" on it. She didn't take me home, but she did toss me her guitar pick after reading it. Oh, she took the banner home...

Photo Shoot
February 1994

Taken during a promo photo shoot I did at Solano College. This photo ended up as the first promo photo of me used for Rock Candy.

Jake E. Lee
April 1994

One of my favorite guitarists. This was taken outside the 93 Rock studio in Sacramento when Jake was playing in his own band.


Gene Simmons
April 1995

Meeting my idol once again. This was taken at the KISS Convention in San Francisco. This was my second time meeting Gene.

With my Sister
Coffee Time - 1999

Having coffee with my sister at Java International in Vacaville.


Peter Criss' Drums
May 2000

This is a photo of me behind a set of Peter Criss' drums that were part of the KISS Auction in June 2000.


Oz Fox of Stryper
May 2001

Taken at the Stryper Expo in Southern California. What an awesome day and it was! It was great to finally meet the whole band and see the guys back on stage after not seeing them in over ten years.

Tommy Chong
June 2002

This was taken after one of Tommy's shows at The Punchline in Sacramento California.


David Coverdale & his son
October 2002

Taken at Disneyland while I was on vacation. I saw David all four days that I was there. On the last day he passed me, I said "Hi" and then had to ask for a photo with him. In the most perfect spot... Right in front of the castle.


Disneyland Vacation
April 2004

I had to include this photo since I have had so many good comments on it. As we were heading down Splash Mountain, I decided to get crazy and make a goofy face. Well, we ended up with a priceless Kodak moment. In the log with me are (from back) my brother-in-law Bill, my nephew Darion, my sister Bernadette, Me, and my son Troy.

John Waite
February 2005

This was taken at Pepperbelly's in Fairfield after John played an acoustic show. It was great to me the singer of the first band I ever seen in concert. That was back in 1979 when The Babys opened for Alice Cooper.

Universal Studios
July 2007

Here I am goofing off with the penguins from Madagasgar at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Me & My Niece
March 2010

This was taken at my nieces birthday party. I gave her a KISS T-shirt. She was so excited when she opened it, she ran over and gave me a huge hug. She said it was her best gift. She had just turned four.

All Dressed Up
October 2011

It's a rare to see me dressed up like this. Here I am with my friend Karen Knotts at The Magic Castle in Hollywood.

Comedy Show
January 2014

Here is a shot of me performing my comedy act at Lakeside Inn in South Lake Tahoe.


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